Tim and Diane, Carmel, CA

Tim and Diane, Carmel, CA

Artist Statement

This website is dedicated to Tim Nighswander's personal photography. All images are copyright protected. Tim is self-represented. To inquire about image usage or purchase please use the form below.

My passion for photography began in college and has been my bread and butter for more than 40 years. Until now, however, my personal work has remained, well, personal - shared only with a small circle of friends and family. I have come to a time in my life where I wish to change that.

One important lesson I emphasize to my students is that seeing takes practice. In many ways photography is 'found art' and it is the job of the photographer to do the 'seeing' so that others can share that vision. As I look back at my personal work I recognize certain consistent threads and themes: I try to see the small moments and details that are easily overlooked; I look not just at the big picture but also at the micro and macro; while I enjoy the beauty of a scenic vista I may be more intrigued by the cracks in the pavement of the parking lot; I look for the 'twist', a way of looking at something with a different viewpoint that changes the ordinary into something unique and extraordinary. Pictures of flowers are ubiquitous, but dying flowers? That is the twist I look for!

In a bouquet of 'perfect' flowers one bloom is virtually indistinguishable from the next, but as they die each bloom is transformed and reveals its own personality. In our mind we ascribe meaning: some are melancholy, some vulnerable, some are proud and some exude vitality. They become compositionally intriguing and metaphorically rich. To me these images refute the idea that beauty should be defined solely by youth and perfection and assert that age and character have beauty and value as well. With an endless variety of subject matter this has become an exciting and evolving exploration.

Memento Mori (translated literally as "remember that you must die") is a religious and artistic contemplation on mortality and the fragility of life, one which perfectly expresses the feeling these images evoke. While this is a theme I have been exploring for many years, with the latest digital technology I am now able to capture extremely high resolution photographs with clarity and detail that allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the large scale prints produced from these files.

My professional photography enterprise, co-founded with my wife Diane, is IMAGING4ART; one of the foremost providers of on-site, high-resolution photography and documentation for the world of fine art. Our work with prominent museums, galleries, foundations, artists and others can be seen at imaging4art.com