New Haven City-Wide Open Studios Tour

October 12-13, 2019, Noon - 6 p.m.

426 W. Rock Avenue

New Haven, CT

Alice Steinhardt In All Its Range and Beauty #1



For some time now, I’ve been collecting sea worn shells, and corals, stone, bird’s nests, lichen covered branches, desiccated leaves, roots and seeds. As I’ve held each of these botanical forms in my hands I’ve been captivated by their elegant beauty, and I saw in these forms a way to create drawings that would be able to explore my struggle to reconcile art and life. In my studio working on my drawings, as in my life, I have known experiences of profound beauty, vulnerability, loss, resilience, and the transcendent grace of hope.

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Enjoy personal time with the artists in their studio. Learn about their backgrounds, education and life experiences. Gain an understanding of how their past and present views of the world continue to impact the art they create, and how they perceive their audiences reactions to their work and what provokes them. Engage in a conversation on the relativity of their work with today’s socio-political landscape.

Tim Nighswander and Alice Steinhardt can be contacted directly for questions and inquiries about limited editions and available sizes.




In a perfect bouquet one bloom is virtually indistinguishable from the next, but in fleeting moments of their deterioration each stem is transformed. To these images we ascribe meaning: some are melancholy, some vulnerable, some are proud. Through gesture and form they become compositionally intriguing and metaphorically rich.